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tv   [untitled]    August 15, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> so, good morning, everyone. my name is mark farrell. i'm the supervisor from district 2 here in san francisco. last year, thanks to the great leadership of our mayor ed lee, his office of housing in particular, olson lee and brian chu who are here with us today and my colleagues on the board of supervisors, together and with the voters of san francisco, we passed proposition c, the housing trust fund initiative, to create and approve affordable housing city-wide and to provide loans to assist with the down payment towards the purchase of homes here in san francisco. the passage of the housing trust fund was and is a huge win for all of san francisco and our residents as one step in the right direction towards continuing to solve our city's ongoing housing needs. we are here today to announce the launch of a renewed down payment assistance program for our first responders here in san francisco. statistics will say that the majority of all of our first responders live outside of our
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city limits, and i for one believe that our communities and our neighborhoods are strengthened here in san francisco by the men and women who put their lives on the line every single day for us as san francisco residents. those that are standing behind me here today, living here within our various neighborhoods of san francisco, we're not only safer on a day-to-day basis in our neighborhoods when our first responders live in our streets, but also when the next big one hits here in san francisco we need to be ready to be responding and be a resilient city as we strive to do here in san francisco. when proposition c was being crafted, i introduced an amendment to help our first responders remain here in san francisco, to provide them an opportunity to qualify for down payment loan assistance programs that were not previously available here in san francisco. before we had a down payment assistance programs only for our police officers that amounted to $20,000 down payment loan assistance.
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it wasn't effective. it isn't enough, and didn't make a meaningful difference. as a result, those funds largely went unspent and unused, and police officers continue to leave our city to find housing elsewhere. after the voters blessed proposition c last year, over the last few months i have been working with the mayor's office of housing. again, want to thank olson lee and brian chu for their strong involvement, in consultation with our first responders, their union membership, their union leadership as well as the general membership of their departments, as well as homeownership sf, a city-wide coalition of experienced nonprofit homeownership providers to craft an initial program that matched the intent of the voters while also taking into account the unique needs of our first responders here in san francisco. i believe that we have found a true middle ground today with all of the stakeholders that provides down payment assistance for our first responders and encourages them to move back into our city of san francisco.
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this next year is going to be a learning experience. we will continue to adjust the program over time with the goals of making sure that our down payment loan assistance programs in san francisco for our first responders is as expansive as possible and as effective as possible. we want these men and women living in our streets and in our neighborhoods. given the support for this program here today and the overwhelming demand that i have heard from our first responders, i am confident that we will have a success on our hands and a program that all san franciscans can be proud of. but i want to list a few of the qualifications from a high level perspective for our first responders in this program. they must be an active member of our police, fire, or sheriff's department. they must remain an active member for five years after qualifying for this program. they microsoft must not have owned a principal residence in san francisco the last three years and this must be their
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only principal residence moving forward. each household is limited to one loan that is 200% of ami for the household ~. and they also must qualify independently for a 30-year fixed rate loan so that we can ensure that our first responders that qualify and use this program remain in san francisco and are healthy financially. as a native san franciscan who grew up in the marina and whose family was deeply affected by the 1989 earthquake, i saw firsthand how integral our first responders are to making sure our streets and our neighborhoods are safer, again not just on a daily basis, but in a time of great crisis here in san francisco. this program is intended to truly help our city's first responders live in our neighborhoods and making our neighborhoods safer. it's a new policy priority here in san francisco based on vocation, not just income. and it's something that i believe the voters of san francisco have spoken for and something that we can all agree
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on as a priority for our great city. i want to thank everyone for taking the time to be here today as we get set to launch this exciting new program. and at this time really thank our mayor ed lee who not only was the leading charge behind proposition c and had the vision to make it a reality for san francisco, and put so much on the line to make sure we passed it last year, but to also say that his leadership has allowed this program and this first responders loan program to happen. and i want to thank him for his leadership, again, the leadership of his team and the mayor's office and brian chu and introduce once again our great mayor ed lee. (applause) >> thank you, supervisor farrell. it's my personal pleasure to work with you. not only have you done great things for your district, but for the city as well. it was kind of fun, you and i and our friends being there at the white house lawn yesterday
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celebrating the 2012 world series for the giants, and having president obama give us such great warm accolades. that will help us this season for sure. i am enthralled to join suhelp them afford a home 20 minutes. >> i'd like to welcome everyone back to san francisco regular hearing for thursday august 14th and when spanking before the commission please do state your
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name for the record. commissioners we left off on fern a and b for case numbers. and at 333 branson street request for a larger authorization and large development authorizations. good afternoon >> i'm here with our environmental planning division. it's an office negotiation o authorization for the brandon street for the project is seeking modifications for permitted sfrit encroachment and the horizontal mass projects. and the new construction of a 6 foot story at all. the proposed project will
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empathize 1 hundred and 45 thousand square feet of office space and will include 12 bicycle parks spaces and 5 car share parking spaces speaker the prevention so is designed with one private court yard and one private. since the packets the department has received a total of 3 comments on the proposed project. one supported neither way and another comment was on the traffic analysis as well as on say rooftop equipment and a third member talked about the project design. copies of this correspondence has been provided to you. after analyzing all impact the department is consistent with
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the project in the overall quality to be surrounding with the character. within the mixed use office zoning district as of july 2012 there's approximately 2.2 million office space allocation. the project represents an allocation of 7 percent of the large office space. the authorization of the office space will allow four new businesses in the area which b will attribute to the office businesses in the area. this concluded my presentation and i'm available for any questions. thank you. project sponsor please. >> okay waiting for the time to
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pop up. good afternoon president fong and members of the commission. i'm jim rubin and we're working with the project sponsor. before addressing the project itself i believe this is the first occasion that kilroy has had to come before your commission. they've been active in the city and have done a lot of projects. there's another one after the alice and there's another kilroy project. if you look at the overhead i've put on that overhead a graphic that shows you the building that kilroy has acquired in the last two, 2 1/2 buildings. they've have not had to come here but they've done a lot of
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work. by the way, example that's where pact 12 as ronald and it's something of a media building. 333 brandon is before you and thirty 1 is next door and the lieutenant is in that believe. 100 first street is not an attractive building but it's been completely repositioned and the lobby is redone and it's better today. 350 mission is a high-rise building that's been 1 hundred percent lease to sales force and seven hundred and 40 thousand feet and that plaza been redone as well. and anybody knows this is a tremendous improvement.
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i'll remember who's in there on a break. 333 brandon is exactly the building that the eastern neighborhoods called for the architects were called to look at that and you essentially suggested in 2345089 when eastern neighborhoods was adopted. in the last couple of weeks we've had our first comments from john who's here and i'm not sure he'll be up here talking about his issues and concerns. i don't characterize them as opposition by as an effort to modify the building for purchases heel describe by in showing you the building we've ask our architect to address some of the issues ahead of time. i'm going to turn it over to my
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colleague. we're all here the earners and architects to answer questions >> thank you jim and welcoming welcome back from lunch. thank you very much to the commission. and i'm thanking you for working with us. our gratitude for the staff. and thank you to kilroy reality who was which one this project to create an "x" last year project. kilroy has been in my practice we think of ourselves as a leader but kilroy has been a leader in front of the lead they care about the environment.
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as a matter of fact they were recognized recently because the energy star protocol that they manage has an overall rating of 55, 50 being the average perform and 75 being good. i want to thank the entire team. they'll put together an incredible team. and i'll go through that. the building really recognize its place. wow. that's red. that's a little bit more red. the building really recognize the neighborhood and the brick character. what kilroy seeks to do a building that is context.
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they own the building to the left and are collaborating with the building on the right to mix this together and to heal that part of the neighborhood that's simply a parking lot. it was also expressed there's one of the interpretations of the bay window is on the corner of the project shows the bay window turning the corner in a san francisco way. the site was identified as occupied under utilized by some buildings this serve at&t and it's a parking lot currently and popular it has an internal property line that wraps around the south and west side. this interior property line a little bit more clear in our
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package is a limits the opportunity for glagz. we're anticipating a window agreement with the 55 property owner to the bottom of the drawing that will allow us to get additional windows on the right-hand side. the open space - so this is the same plan showing the roof. the occupied roof space is in yellow and there will be a garden on the roof space to increase habitats for butter flies in the city and to gather rainwater. the two educational gardens are on the ground floor on brandon
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street. we exceed the requirements on those spaces alone. their functioning at grade. the court yard will be part of the sequence. the site slopes 7 feet approximately from brandon street down to stanford street with that p a 65 feet limit of being efficient with our loading dock but craft lee fully putting in an english basement. it benefits from that court yard from the lottery level up to the sky to get daylight deep into that plan. so that slopes makes it a split-level building on stanford
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street. so on brandon street we have 7 foot retail space colored yellow on the gene and further back we're a split-level so the grade goes from high to low. one of the innovations that was put forward is would we put retail on stanford street but it would be challenging for the retail but we'd lose twice the amount of space because it would top two floors. we think that brandon is a great opportunity for retail and a stanford we've optimized for room and it would be challenging to insert a space there that would be assessable from the
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sidewalk. as asked for in the eastern neighborhood there is vital it and life. we have a place for parking benches and is retail is in back of that. this plan shows the terrace level with that open space in green and then the open space on brandon in green and the current location on yellow that activates that court yard it's about enough space for a small retail or restaurants. we anticipate food service so we're going to accommodate egresses hoods. the brandon street court yard


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